Academy – Kiwanis Europe

Second KI-E Extraordinary General Assembly - 12 October 2024

Welcome to Luxembourg!

Join the 57th European Convention and feel welcome in this cosmopolitan city with deep historical roots in the center of Europe!

Come and join us for this unique annual experience, which encompasses the formal business sessions, the workshops and exchanges that help enhance club experience and the joy of getting together with friends from all over Europe.

Attend this second KI-E Extraordinary General Assembly, 12 October 2024, from 14:00 till 15:00




Official sessions, education, sharing funding ideas and projects, but also friendship and fun are part of the Convention.


Make sure your voice is heard on issues that can affect the organisation.


This 2nd KI-E Extraordinary General Assembly will take place in Restaurant de Brailäffel, 2 rue du Moulin, L-8380 Kleinbettingen, Luxembourg