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European Young Kiwanis Summit 2023

If you are a Kiwanian under 40 and want to contribute to defining the future of Kiwanis, save the date for the European Young Kiwanis Summit.


The average age of Kiwanis members is 63. next year it will be 64. Kiwanis is getting older and now it is time to rejuvenate!
Last year’s event was held in Lisbon, Portugal, and due to it’s big success we are coming back with a new edition in 2023! This year in historical Ghent!


The goal of this summit is to hear our younger members, to explore how they see the future of Kiwanis and how they plan to ensure succession and a bright future for our organization.


  • To give Young Kiwanians a forum to share how they see rejuvenation in the organisation
  • To give Young Kiwanians a space to propose new initiatives for rejuvenation
  • To give Young Kiwanians the opportunity to get on stage and take responsibility 
  • To engage and recruit young volunteers who can take responsibility at district & European levels
  • To promote “younger” approaches to Kiwanis membership (new types of clubs, MeetUps,…)
  • To brainstorm on new ideas about how we can grow with younger people.


We are preparing several sessions and workshops:

    • How to prepare Kiwanis for the future
    • More trendy types of Kiwanis’ clubs for younger people
    • Young people active in the local clubs
    • MeetUps as a new club opening format with younger members
    • Digital marketing of Kiwanis
    • Innovative youth led social projects…

Aside from the formal sessions, we will of course also enjoy some team building, a drink together, networking, and… enjoy Ghent!



We are however limited to 25 people from the European districts and nations. If you are interested, please read the costs and what we cover, and then fill in the application form.

Filling in the registration form is not yet a confirmation that you are enrolled. When you apply, you will receive a message stating whether your participation is confirmed, or if you are on the waiting list.

Brochure with more details


No interpreting is foreseen. We count on the participants sufficiently mastering English for this international event.


Novotel Gent Centrum
Hoogpoort 52, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

The Gravensteen (“Castle of the Counts”) – medieval castle in the centre of Ghent – Belgium.
The origin dates back to the late 9th century and the stone version to 1180.
It was the residence of the Counts of Flanders until 1353.
It is now a museum and major historic landmark in the city.





21 - 23/Apr/2023


All of the day



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