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Rules for entering Belgium.

COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted in Belgium. Travellers are not required to provide proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test. This link gives the lates updates when travelling to Belgium: Re-open Europe – visiting Belgium from abroad.

Practical info Kiwanis event 18-20 November 2022 | Ghent

Practical information

Event venue: Novotel Gent Centrum

18 November 2022: arrival participants

Dinner in the hotel at 20:00 – informal evening for the Membership & BMC Coordinators in the hotel


19 November 2022: Meeting day

Dinner for all at 20:30 in the old centre of Ghent


20 November 2022: departure participants

Meeting schedules

Saturday 19 November 2022

09:00 – 15:30 | Membership Coord. training:

  • Analyses of our clubs, profile of our members, membership in the district
  • New club opening: how can we create new clubs, different types of (new) clubs, what’s the new club administration and the new dues-system
  • Club strengthening: admission procedures, barriers to join the organisation, recruitment campaigns
  • Member retainment: why do members leave and what can we do about it

09:00 – 15:30 | PR/BMC training:

  • Corporate communication: Corporate identity, your role, resources, district challenges
  • Communication plan: Audience, key messages, timing, tools
  • Social media & emailing: Best practices, dos and don’ts
  • Working with local media: understanding press requirements to build image and credibility at local level

16:00 – 17:30 | Joint session Membership & BMC

  • How growth & branding work hand in hand to increase our footprint.

10:30 – 11:00 | Coffee break

12:30 – 14:00 | Lunch

15:30 – 16:00 | Coffee break

Everyone arrives on Friday 18 November and departs on Sunday 20 November.

Traveling by airplane?

Shuttles are not arranged at arrival or departure for this event.

Traveling from Brussels airport to Ghent is easy. You will find the train station directly below the departure and arrival halls of the airport. With the escalator or the elevator you can be on the platform in no time. You take the train at Brussels airport to Gent-Sint-Pieters. To plan your travel and purchase your ticket on lineClick here. (The site is available in multiple languages).

Take a taxi from Gent-Sint-Pieters to Novotel Gent Centrum.

Some of you may share a taxi in Ghent.  A travel schedule will be added here in due time.

We would strongly suggest to take a train in Gent-Sint-Pieters for your return that will arrive in Brussels airport about 2 hours before your flight departure. Take this into consideration to order your taxi upon your return to the train station of Gent-Sint-Pieters.

 Traveling by train?

Please take a taxi for your travel between the train station and the hotel.

Arriving by car?**

The hotel has its own parking garage. A parking space will be reserved for those arriving by car. The cost of the parking is covered by Kiwanis Europe, so you don’t need to pay for your parking when checking out of the hotel.

The entrance to the hotel parking garage is located at: Hoogpoort 52, 9000 Gent


** The city of Ghent imposes a number of measures for driving into the centre:

  • Register your car!

If your car complies with the Euro norm, then you will still need to register your car (except if you have a car registered in Belgium!) to enter Ghent City. Ghent is a frontrunner in this area and does not make it easy for people to access the city by car. You probably already figured this out.

Click here to check and register your car.

  • How to enter Ghent?

Follow these directions to enter Ghent city centre by car, coming from either the E17 or E40 motorways – take the ‘Gent centrum’ exit. Following the route you will arrive at Graaf van Vlaanderenplein.

Route description google maps:

Enter Graaf van Vlaanderenplein to Belfortstraat to get directions in your language. Below you will find the map with the mapped out route to enter Ghent and to drive to the Novotel Gent Centrum.

For this route a permit has been requested from the police to enter the parking lot of the hotel. If you deviate from this, you risk receiving a fine.

On the map, at the end of the route at the Belforgstraat mark, turn right. Approximately 50 meters further you will find the entrance to the parking of the hotel (Hoogpoort 52) on your left side.

Hotel accommodation

You are all accommodated in

Novotel Gent Centrum, Goudenleeuwplein 5 – 9000 Ghent

The rooms will be booked according to your registration/request.


As participant you are invited to take part in all the organized meals which are covered by the organisation. Possible partners can only take part in the organized dinners.

An overview of all organised lunches & dinners

Friday 18 November

Dinner in the hotel for all (Gruuthuuskelder) at 20:00

Saturday 19 November

Organised lunch for Membership & PR/BMC coordinators & guests in the hotel at 12:30

Dinner in the old centre of Ghent at 20:30 in restaurant ‘Amadeus’

Everyone is invited for this dinner.

We gather in the hotel lobby at 20:15

Gruuthuuskelder | Hoogpoort 50, 9000 Gent

Amadeus | Plotersgracht 8/10, 9000 Gent

Sunday 20 November

Breakfast, check-out and safe travel home!


For reimbursement of your travel or other expenses related to this event, you can download the Kiwanis Europe expense sheet.

You can send your completed expense sheet with proof of payment attached to it at:  event.expenses(at) for reimbursement.

You need to submit your expense sheet within 30 days following the event.