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What is branding? 

Why is it important?


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Understanding of the basics of branding and its impact on public awareness.


Learn why and how correct branding can enhance the name and fame of a club, a division, district… up to worldwide recognition.

Target group

☑ Kiwanis Club Leadership

☑ Kiwanis District/Nation Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Division Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Europe Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Trainers & Experts

Needed materials

PC, PowerPoint

Duration and training process

1 hour presentation

Additional information about the tool

This presentation was delivered at the PR Coordinators’ training of Kiwanis International – European Federation

Category of the tool

☑ Training, Skills & Leadership
☑ Branding, Marketing, Communication

Tool topics

☑ Branding

Tool types

☑ Presentation (ppt)

Documentation and materials

This presentation goes together with the Brand Book

Behind the tool

Kiwanis International in cooperation with the European Office in Ghent

The tool was created by

Dep. Communication