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Many educational activities, such as training sessions, take place in which valuable exercises are run, but they lack debriefing. In a non-formal education context, an experiential volunteer-based learning context, the debriefing is indispensable!

Without it participants might not learn anything (or profit a lot less from the exercise than they actually could).
Debriefing is an essential element of training and it is necessary for facilitators to know its structure and principles.

After every educational exercise a facilitator needs to organise participants to discuss the experience that they have just undergone at each stage of the exercise.


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To provide trainers and facilitators with a structure to run debriefings as integral part of their workshops, training sessions or presentations.


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This tool was developed in the European Youth Centres, Council of Europe, initially edited and co-written by Sabine Klocker, and further developed by Jan Van Hove, trainer for the Council of Europe and the European Commission for the Youth programme, the European Voluntary Service programme and the European Solidarity Corps programme of the EU.

When multiplying and disseminating it, please keep reference to the sources.

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Sabine Clocker  & Jan Van Hove