Title of the tool

Growth in Europe

Short description

Presentation about new club opening, different types of clubs, club strenghtening, the role of the membership coordinator,… in Europe

Language of the tool



To create an open mind to open new clubs, and to have an open attitude to recruit new members


Table of content 

  • Different type of clubs  
  • What can you do for club strenghtening
  • the role of the District Membership Coordinator
  • Statistics of membership and new club opening in Europe

Target group

☑ Kiwanis Club Leadership

☑ Kiwanis District/Nation Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Division Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Europe Leadership

Duration and training process

1 hour presentation

Additional information about the tool

This presentation was delivered to the governors and the membership coordinators in the Growth Summit 2019-2020

Category of the tool

☑ Membership, Growth, Engagement

Tool topics

☑ Club strengthening
☑ Member retention
☑ New club opening
☑ Recruitment of new members 

Tool types

☑ Presentation (ppt)

Behind the tool

Kiwanis Europe – European Office in Ghent

The tool was created by

Jan Van Hove, director of membership & education Europe