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This is a discussion method to talk about some misunderstandings that exist in Kiwanis about club life, for example that clubs always need to gather together at the same time and date, and that this can be never changed.

Fold page in half, cut cards apart on dotted line, and placethem in a hat.

Have people take a card as they come to your meeting or event. Ask someone to stand up and read a “rumor.” Then ask if anyone knows the real answer to that rumor.

After everyone has chatted for a bit, ask the person with the card to tip it over to the “reality” side and read the answer. After all the cards havebeen read, ask whether there are any other rumors people have heard and discuss them.


To clear out some misunderstandings about Kiwanis, its traditions, and what is possible and not in Kiwanis.

Needed materials

Hat, scissors.

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Corporate Office of Kiwanis International


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Dep. Membership and Education