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Title of the tool


Short description

This is a team work game that you can do in the beginning of a training, to get your participants in a cooperative mood. 

Language of the tool



  • Participants experience the advantage of team work cooperation
  • Participants experience the pitfall of thinking patterns
  • Participants experience solving problem when you step out of your own thinking patterns


Group game for a group of +/- 10 person or subgroups

Target group

☑ Kiwanis Trainers & Experts

Needed materials

Instruction cards

Game cards

Duration & training process

+/- 60 minutes

Additional information about the tool

This team work game was done during the District Officers Training in Prague in 2018. It’s a good tool to get your group in a cooperative mood, and to be open to listen and work with each other. 

Don’t forget to properly debrief the activity. A good tool for debriefing with debriefing questions can be found here in the toolbox.

Category of the tool

☑ Training, Skills & Leadership Development

Tool topics

☑ Group dynamics
☑ Team work

Tool types

☑ Board game
☑ Group building activity
☑ Ice breaker
☑ Team work activity

The tool was created by

Einstein (seriously!)