Academy – Kiwanis Europe


The Kiwanis Academy Platform aims at providing access to training sessions, training tools and a database of trainers and experts. In addition, the platform is intended to list Kiwanis European meetings and events throughout the year.


Visitors who register on the Kiwanis Academy Platform have extended access to the functionalities of the platform, such as applying for a training or proposing a new training topic. Furthermore, the platform invites trainers and experts to submit their candidacies in order to constitute and to widen the nucleus of trainers within the Kiwanis Academy.

Those interested should provide a profile which is as complete as possible, in English, including the free text sections.



Should you wish to include training sessions and tools that could be of interest to other clubs, divisions or districts please feel free to submit them – in this case you can choose to provide the information in English or in your local language. By default the content language should be the same as the language that is used during the training.