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Meet your prospective members

Title of the tool MEET YOUR PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS Short description “Make it easy for each person to join any Kiwanis club .” That is written as one of the main priorities in the strategic plan of Kiwanis International. In this discussion game, we have identified several potential members of the community to approach for membership in your club.  Language of the tool English Aim(s) To call for member’s attention that as Kiwanians we should be more open and more active in terms of new member recruitment. Target group All Kiwanis Members Kiwanis Club......

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Who owns the fish?

Title of the tool WHO OWNS THE FISH? Short description This is a team work game that you can do in the beginning of a training, to get your participants in a cooperative mood.  Language of the tool English  Aim(s) Participants experience the advantage of team work cooperation Participants experience the pitfall of thinking patterns Participants experience solving problem when you step out of your own thinking patterns Description Group game for a group of +/- 10 person or subgroups Target group ☑ Kiwanis Trainers & Experts Needed materials Instruction cards Game cards......

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