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#KIWANIS Meetup Manual english

Short description

A #Kiwanis MeetUp is a method / a project of new club opening and attracting new perspective members to Kiwanis, this manual will help you organise a MeetUp project successfully

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With this guide, all club members can learn how to organize a MeetUp and how to use it as a tool of attracting potential new members


Table of content

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 MeetUp Manual 

  • How to use the manual
  • Part 1: Preparation
  • Part 2: Kiwanis meetup events manual
  • Part 3: Promotion, Marketing, Materials to use
  • Online meetup
  • Application form for financial contributions

 MeetUp presentation

  • Condensed meetup manual for presenting to others

 MeetUps training method

  • Materials for the “Quartets” game which can be used to explain the meetups without using powerpoint

Target group

☑ Kiwanis Club Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Division Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Trainers & Experts

Category of the tool

☑ Training, Skills & Leadership Development

☑ Membership, Growth, Engagement

Tool types

☑ Manual

Behind the tool

Corporate office of Kiwanis International

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Membership and education