Title of the tool

Being interviewed by a journalist

Short description

Do’s and don’ts in media interviews

Language of the tool



Provide tips and tools to convey the right and appropriate Kiwanis message when being interviewed by a journalist


  • Preparation for the interview: key messages, background research, understanding media constraints.
  • Where, who, what and how will the interview take place.
  • Do’s and don’ts.

Target group

☑ All Kiwanis Members

☑ Kiwanis Club Leadership

☑ Kiwanis District/Nation Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Division Leadership

☑ Kiwanis Europe Leadership

☑ Media (Journalists and others)

☑ Young Kiwanians (Youth professionals & others)

☑ Kiwanis Trainers & Experts

Needed materials


Duration and training process

1 hour

Additional information about the tool

This presentation was delivered during the PR Coordinator’s training in Europe

Category of the tool

☑ Training, Skills & Leadership Development
☑ Branding, Marketing, Communication

Tool topics

☑ Media relations
☑ Public speaking

Tool types

☑ Presentation (ppt)

Behind the tool

Kiwanis International

The tool was created by

Dept. Communication, KE, adapted by Sepp Schachermayr